We are a ski school for your whole family. We will teach beginners basic skiing technique a improve skills of advanced sportsmen. Our classes are ran by licenced professional skiing instructors.
We look forward to seeing you!

We operate 9am-4pm and 6pm-9pm during the season.

Ski school SKI-BARON offers skiing lessons by certified professionals. We are member of the Association of professional skiing instrucktors (APUL). You can find us ski resort Skifamily Dolní Dvůr and Luisino údolí.

Ski school

We provide everything you need for both beginners and advanced skiers. We are ready even for your kids, that can use our own training ground with mild slopes and kid ski lifts.

Take a private or group lesson of skiing or snowboarding. We encourage you to make a reservation of your lesson, please feel free to send us an email, do it personally on the spot, or just give us a call at: +420 604 239 328 or +420 605 428 277.

Price list

Price list.

The rental service is located in the ski resort Skifamily Dolní Dvůr. We offer carving sets, snowboards, helmets, big foots, snowblades, snowshoes, trekking poles, klu-ski, etc.

Rental Service

All our equipment goes through a regular maintenance. Shoes are properly cleaned and sanitized after each use. We would like to kindly ask you to present two identification documents (such as ID card, Passport) prior to borrowing any equipment.

We are open 9am – 4pm and 6pm – 9pm

You can make a reservation of your prefered equipment prior to reaching Dolní Dvůr by sending us an email to info@ski-baron.cz.

Price list

Price list.

The Ski Service Ski-Baron is also located in the maintenance building od Skifamily Dolní Dvůr ski resort. We belong to the network of Montana service centers, thus offering the most advanced technologies for maintenance of your equipment.

Service Point

We offer a complete portfolio o services, including sharpening and waxing your skis.  We work on Montana machines, that guarantee the highest quality of our service.

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We are open 9am – 4pm and 6pm – 9pm

Price list

Price list.

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Are you looking for an accomodation near our school?

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You will find us in ski resort Ski Family.


In case you can’t give us a call, please leave a message here.


You will find us in the bottom part of Ski Family resort